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[SG's] Nintendo Wii - 3D Boxes

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[SG's] Nintendo Wii - 3D Boxes

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Alright guys, 

Yet another art pack for you. 3 within 24 hours, I'm treating you guys haha.

Only done the games I have in my build, I could do one or two that's requested so just drop a comment. Hopefully someone gets some use out of these 😊

Credit @Robin55 for the template, much appreciated. I just added a color overlay to the template and made an action for it, so each one was the same!


Whats included:


A Boy and His Blob-01.png
Bomberman Land-01.png
Boom Blox_ Bash Party-01.png
de Blob 2-01.png
de Blob-01.png
Dead Rising_ Chop Till You Drop-01.png
Dead Space_ Extraction-01.png
Donkey Kong Country Returns-01.png
Dragon Quest Swords_ The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors-01.png
FaceBreaker_ K.O. Party-01.png
Geometry Wars_ Galaxies-01.png
Ghost Squad-01.png
Just Dance-01.png
Kirby_s Dream Collection_ Special Edition-01.png
Kirby_s Epic Yarn-01.png
Kirby_s Return to Dream Land-01.png
Link_s Crossbow Training-01.png
Little King_s Story-01.png
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games-01.png
Mario Kart Wii-01.png
Mario Party 8-01.png
Mario Party 9-01.png
Mario Strikers Charged-01.png
Mario Super Sluggers-01.png
Metroid Prime 3_ Corruption-01.png
Metroid Prime Trilogy-01.png
Metroid_ Other M-01.png
Monster Hunter Tri-01.png
Muramasa_ The Demon Blade-01.png
New Super Mario Bros. Wii-01.png
No More Heroes 2_ Desperate Struggle-01.png
No More Heroes-01.png
Pikmin 2-01.png
Pokémon Battle Revolution-01.png
PokéPark 2_ Wonders Beyond-01.png
PokéPark Wii_ Pikachu_s Adventure-01.png
Rayman Origins-01.png
Red Steel 2-01.png
Red Steel-01.png
Resident Evil 4_ Wii Edition-01.png
Resident Evil Archives_ Resident Evil Zero-01.png
Resident Evil Archives_ Resident Evil-01.png
Resident Evil_ The Darkside Chronicles-01.png
Resident Evil_ The Umbrella Chronicles-01.png
Rune Factory_ Frontier-01.png
Rune Factory_ Tides of Destiny-01.png
Silent Hill_ Shattered Memories-02.png
Sin & Punishment_ Star Successor-01.png
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing-01.png
Sonic Colors-01.png
Sonic Riders_ Zero Gravity-01.png
Super Mario All-Stars-01.png
Super Mario Galaxy 2-01.png
Super Mario Galaxy-01.png
Super Monkey Ball_ Banana Blitz-01.png
Super Monkey Ball_ Step & Roll-01.png
Super Paper Mario-01.png
Super Smash Bros. Brawl-01.png
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom_ Ultimate All-Stars-01.png
The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return-01.png
The House of the Dead_ Overkill-01.png
The Legend of Zelda_ Skyward Sword-01.png
The Legend of Zelda_ Twilight Princess-01.png
Top Spin 4-01.png
Trauma Center_ New Blood-01.png
Trauma Center_ Second Opinion-01.png
Trauma Team-01.png
Wario Land_ Shake It!-02.png
WarioWare_ Smooth Moves-01.png
Wii Fit Plus-01.png
Wii Fit-01.png
Wii Party-01.png
Wii Sports Resort-01.png
Wii Sports-01.png
Xenoblade Chronicles-01.png
Zack & Wiki_ Quest for Barbaros_ Treasure-01.png



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