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Retro Console - BB Theme, added animations and more!


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Retro Console - BB Theme, added animations and more!

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Ok, here is version 2 of my Retro Console Theme. This is a MASSIVE overhaul and Includes ANIMATIONS. Thanks to @y2guru and his unending support and development of the 'Community Theme Creator', which now offers an animation tool, I was able to completely rebuild this theme and make it the way I originally intended. Thank You as always my man!

* Language issues have been fixed. Should work now! 5-1-2020

The original theme without animations can be found here: Retro Console Version 1

Pretty much every single view has been redone with at least more flare and details, but some of them are totally re-imagined. I have also added several new views and many more platform specific views. All with animations, subtle but informative (hopefully).

One of the game views that has a smaller monitor window on the right side of the screen now plays a video in a loop of the matching consoles original startup or boot screen. Not all are included as I have not been able to find them on YouTube. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on where to look for more, would be very helpful!

NEW: Playmode Icons - All custom and added all over the theme.

NEW: I made a new view that is intended for use with newer consoles like PS3 and XBOX360. Looks good but does not require as much artwork since there is not much available yet.

NEW: New version available, "Retro Console Theme Anim V2-center videos.zip". This version is designed to let users select a platform video set other than the Nostalgia set that I have been using. It is much better for center aligned videos.

ALSO NEW are several controller button packs that can be swapped out to match your setup. These include 4 buttons each and are color coded throughout the theme:

  • GREEN = Select
  • RED = Back
  • Blue = Search
  • Yellow = Game info screen

To use these you should just download the pack you want and drop it in the following folder: ?\LaunchBox\Themes\Retro Console Theme Anim V2\Media\buttons\. Make sure to overwrite the existing ones. 

  1. controller buttons - arcade.zip: This is a set of generic arcade buttons that can be used for any setup. Just colored and round.
  2. controller buttons - numbered.zip: This is a set of numbered controller buttons (1 - 4) for controllers that have numbered buttons.
  3. controller buttons - ps3.zip: This is a set of PlayStation controller buttons 
  4. controller buttons - xbox.zip: This is a set of Microsoft XBOX controller buttons 
  5. controller buttons - SN30 Pro: This is a set of black buttons with white lettering, glossy

I will gladly take any requests for additional controller buttons as long as they don't require changing the theme. (max of 4 buttons in a pack)


@Wanderer189 has made a huge contribution to this theme in the form of several downloadable add-on packs full of clear logos for each platform. These include literally thousands of logos made for each Genre, Playmode, ETC. This is an amazing thing and I thank you for your hard work Wanderer. You are awesome. If you would like to get these logos for your setup they can be found here:


And yet another great contribution from our community: @kidshoalin has created several missing logos to go with your setup. All credit goes to him. Thank you so much for the contribution!


First - Download the file: Arcade Defualt Clear Logos.zip, unzip it and then follow below instructions...

place clear logos in the Retro-Console Theme Anim V2/images//Playlists Folder

make sure to go into options in BigBox and refresh all images.


What is this theme:

  • This is a video snap based BigBox theme. Heavily designed around the use and display of video snaps.
  • This theme has over a hundred views including one that offers a different look for each platform including handhelds.
  • There is a large amount of custom graphics and logos and images and icons etc. Hence the large file size.
  • Use the startup and pause themes to complete the seamless setup. (also included here)
  • All icons including stars for 'consumer ratings' and 'ESRB rating' and the new 'playmode icons' are custom and included in the theme file. Use them all you want.
  • I am using the nostalgia platform videos and these are perfect for this theme. I may make my own someday but for now these are Great. @Wanderer189 is currently making videos for every genre and playmode. (you are awesome buddy, thank you so much for all your hard work and contributions to this and other themes)

Available Downloads:

  1. Retro Console Theme Anim V2.zip - This is the entire theme including platform and platform device logos as well as all icons so you don't have to download them individually. This does not include the startup video, startup or pause themes, collection logos, etc.
  2. Retro Console Theme Anim V2-center videos.zip - This an alternate version of the theme. This version is designed to let users select a platform video set other than the Nostalgia set that I have been using. It is much better for center aligned platform videos.
  3. controller buttons - arcade.zip - Arcade panel based controller buttons
  4. controller buttons - numbered.zip - Number based controller buttons
  5. controller buttons - ps3.zip - PlayStation based controller buttons
  6. controller buttons - xbox.zip - XBOX based controller buttons
  7. Retro-Console-Pause.zip - The pause theme I made also to match this theme. (screens below)
  8. Retro-Console-Startup.zip - The startup and shutdown theme I made to match with this theme. (screens below)
  9. Platform Clear Logos.zip - Included in the theme download but also here in case you just want them alone. These were made specifically for this theme.
  10. Platform Device Logos.zip - Also made for this theme for the platform view that uses device images.
  11. Collection Device Logos.zip -  Made to match this theme for the platform view that uses device images for each collection I use. I can make more upon request.
  12. Collection Logos.zip - Same as the platform logos. Made to match so they can be used in this theme.
  13. Platform Categories.zip - A bunch of category logos also made to match this theme.
  14. Startup Video.zip - A startup video I made just to add to the overall completeness of the theme. Not at all necessary but here if you want it.
  15. Retro Console Sound Pack.zip - Again not required but here if you want it. This is what i use in the video below. Just unzip it to your launchbox sounds folder and then select it in BigBox.
  16. Platform Original Boot Videos.zip - This is a pack of just the new startuo videos for each console or platform I could find. (included in theme so no need to download unless you want just these)
  17. Arcade Defualt Clear Logos.zip - A new community contribution including several new arcade logos for playlists.


  • Set your Image priorities in Launchbox as follows - Cart Front ( add disc images to the list - this is used in many views in this theme)
  • Set your startup and shutdown time limits in launchbox settings. (mine are: startup=5 sec and shutdown=3.5 sec)
  • I designed this around the Nostalgia Platform Videos. You can use anything but those will fit and line up best.
  • This theme assumes an xbox controller setup: A=Select, B=Back, X=Search, Y=Game Details and Select Button=Change View (not  required)
  • I also set the left bumper to platforms and right bumper to platform categories. (not required but helpful)
  • Get as many Banner, Steam Banner and Marquee images as you can. This theme offers a unique view for all arcade cabinet based games and will use those images. There is also a custom view for systems like Windows that also use them.

Future Plans:

  • Create a new view that uses the original loading video from each console. (started on 1-3-2020) DONE
  • Complete the white silhouette console and controller images that are used in the startup theme. DONE
  • Add animations to the theme ( @y2guru is working on this ability for his theme creator as we speak and I will update once it is ready) DONE
  • Make platform videos to match this theme (maybe) - In the works

How to Install:

  • Extract Retro Console Theme.zip to your launchbox themes folder. This includes all the platform and device logos you need and will automatically use them. ( In order to use other logos just delete the ones in this theme folder)
  • You can also use the startup and pause themes to add more of a consistent flow.
  • Drop the startup video (if you want it) in the launchbox videos root folder.

This theme currently has over 80 different platforms and includes the matching device logos, collection logos, category logos and more but some of these have to be added manually through launchbox (sorry). I can not figure out how to make them automatic.

Startup Video:

Theme Video:

Screenshot System View:



Screenshots of each Logo Type:



Screenshots - Startup and Shutdown and Pause Theme:



Screenshots - Random and Extra Stuff:



Screenshots - Random Icons and Controllers Made for This Theme:





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Great work on this theme. Love it. Question about controller button packages. I'm using an Xbox controller setup. It seems that the correct buttons are already in the media folder with the theme download. Should I be seeing on screen buttons? Thats what it sounds like in the description. I don't see any buttons in my big box theme. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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On 11/11/2020 at 9:17 AM, Virtual Postman said:

Thanks, i found it right after i posted. Wonderful theme, would like to see a darker version though.

Glad you found it and I hope you like it. Here is a link to my newer version of this theme. It requires more work to set up but it has a dark version for every part.

Retro Console - BB Theme and more. Custom Logo Version

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This theme is amazing but have installed it and need some help as I am a bit of a noob. 

My Super Famicom folder is showing clear art logos for SNES and the same for PC engine showing TG16. It also only shows mame for FB Alpha and Atomiswave. I have changed the file names to match the folder names but not having any luck so wondered if you know what I need to do as the art etc is in the theme. Thanks in advance.

As a note, PC Engine scraped as TG16 and SF scraped as SNES in launch box. FB Alpha and Atomiswave scraped as Arcade so not sure if that is the issue.

Any help appreciated.


Just a quick edit - I tried the retrorama theme and I did not have this issue. Had to change some of the art file names to match but all good.

Edited by Colin8703
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