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MASSIVE #2 - 100's of Videos focusing on Genre/Categories (part of The Papaw TV Collection)

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MASSIVE #2 - 100's of Videos focusing on Genre/Categories (part of The Papaw TV Collection)

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These are redesigned from my other videos that match my Clear Logos packs. Cemfundog  and I collaborated on this and using his design I created these to go with his animated Retro Console Theme v2. They may or may not work with other themes, I haven't checked.

These are also much smaller in file size.

Since they are individual files, you can download just the ones you want.  There are a some samples videos below. (screenshots really don't let you experience the "video" portion). 

Link to the matching Clear Logos:

Other video sets I have made

Download Retro Console Theme: Retro Console Theme or Retro Console Theme V2 (I use this one)

The videos look pretty amazing with the Retro Console Theme v2. The videos specs are:

  • 1920x1080
  • 30-40 seconds (looping)
  • Title bounces in at 15 seconds

These are simple drag-n-drop into your: "...\Launchbox\Videos\Playlists\" directory. I will be uploading them by letter ("A's", then "B's", etc.) as I get them done. (This time I done the "Play Modes" first as asked for)

I hope you enjoy them and a big thanks to cemfundog for his awesome themes. 

Feel free to leave me some feedback, review, comments, questions and suggestions and I will get back as soon as I can.



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