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game series separations tab

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I have never looked but is there a way to have a game series tab in launch box in the same area as the platforms ??  wanted to sort and view not just systems or genre but game series as well. Example i want to add a tab for Dragon warrior megaman ,.hack and final fantasy games. Since i have them across different platforms i was wonder if i can add into one category like.



series> series title >display 

               megaman:   megaman 1-11

                                     megaman x 1-5

                                     zero x 1-6 

           Shin Megami Tensei : digital devil summoner 1-2 


                                                  digital devil saga 1-2 


               Dragon Warrior/Quest : Dragon Warrior>display 1-9

                                                          Dragon Quest Heroes


   Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy 1-15 

                              FF spin offs 

                              FF portables


.dot hack : 1-4

                    gu 1-3




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On a similar note, is there any way to have sub categories (platforms)?  For instance a collapsible Windows category, with RPG, FPS, etc under it.  I tried playing with the platform of a game, but didn't see a way to do this.  I tried Windows\RPG, etc.


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16 minutes ago, zizbuka said:

is there any way to have sub categories (platforms)? 


You want to be in Platform Category mode using the drop down menu on the left hand side of Launchbox. From here you can right click and make a New Category, then you can right click playlists and platforms and edit them, go to the Parents tab and there you set which categories each platform and playlist shows under, you can set them to appear under multiple.screenshot_900.jpg.03afb45565d8ecec0278a2128146d18f.jpgscreenshot_901.thumb.jpg.6354da638b7adcfe82f009805818925c.jpg

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Perfect, thank you.  With all the digital storefronts, I was looking for a way to separate by store.  Then the list of games for each got so big, I wanted to have sub-categories.  Now I do.

1 minor complaint; I can't have a sub-category name twice, even if they're in different parent.  ie. FPS under the GOG parent, means I can't create a FPS under Origin.

Like I said, minor complaint. 

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