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Original PlayStation Japan 3D Box Pack - Authentic Set (3919)(ReDump)

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Original PlayStation Japan 3D Box Pack - Authentic Set (3919)(ReDump)

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It was requested if I would make a set of the PlayStation Japan 3D Boxes using the authentic templates made by @Suprakarma. I have made some modifications to the templates to fit with this set however.

This is a  collection of 3693 3D Boxes for the Japan Region Original Sony PlayStation. Only four are missing as original artwork for them is unavailable online because they are demo discs. Also included is a folder with 225 3D Boxes that are not in the ReDump rom set.

The naming convention is based on the 2019-3-31 ReDump set. A Database is attached.

This project was a collaboration between @Aorin, @diskmach and myself and has taken a long time to complete. diskmach was able to work out a way of converting the original covers serial number to real names (with out this the project would never of got started) so then Aorin was able to download and rename the original artwork. I then converted the images to 3D Boxes. Thanks to more help from Aorin, who converted all the covers with missing spines to Japanese names I was able to create Spines in Japanese for about 1200 boxes that there are not scans of. 

Any corrections that users find may be necessary please leave a comment and I will make the corrections in later releases.


Sony PlayStation - Japan.xml



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