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2 hours ago, TheChopman said:


As the heading would suggest I have a few working TAITO Type X games. They work great when launched from the TypeXtra emulator but I cannot get them to launch in Launchbox.

Any ideas on what my config should be?2.thumb.png.80ec64aa62d373ee77e5dbdc1b543edf.png1.thumb.png.91bd25c75a3da45c0d313cb7135fbe82.png

I'm not at all familiar with the Taito launcher. So from your pic it shows teknoparrot for your emulator.... there are a couple threads on here about setting up teknoparrot. You need to point to your TP profile xml files as the roms. Configure your TP as in the pic below. For some other TypeX games you might not need TP... but will launch directly from the EXE, just depends on the game and which version you have. Basically I had to configure most TP and TypeX games individually. 



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You are quite right, I had the wrong emulator path, this is because I also tried Teknoparrot before I posted the last message. I want to use TypeXtra as I know it works outside of launchbox. I am sure its just a simple command line prompt that is holding me back :(


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