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Amiga WHDLoad Collection Cleaning Files - Localization & Demos

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Attached are text files listing the letter-path and filenames of every title for each locale and all demos that are part of the full WHDLoad Games set (kept up to date by Retroplay) - one file for each. Note these are the "game" demos that are part of the games set, not scene demos that are part of a different demos set.

These files can be used on the command line to filter or modify your collection, by copying, moving or deleting any sub-set.  The set should be kept in the original folder structure, where there's a folder for every letter of the alphabet and with original filenames (which don't contain spaces).

So for example, in *nix and MacOS, to delete all German games do the following from a bash/terminal prompt:

1. Change directory/folder to the main set folder (the level holding all your letter folders)

2. xargs rm < de.txt

This will read the de.txt file and delete all the files listed in it - the above assumes that de.txt is in your current working folder - specify its folder if it's located somewhere else, like "/Users/yourname/Desktop/de.txt"

Footnote: Some game demos might make interesting additions to your game collection if they contain bonus, seasonal or other levels not in the full game release. You can edit the file to prune anything you want to keep or deal with separately.



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