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ow, hi!  How nice of you to drop by this is a thread I thought I'd start up where the community could post their Banners.  So I'll start I suppose.  btw, Bannerbox in case you didn

Adding the ones I shared in the other topic, as well as some new ones I did. The Tiger one is a modification of @rexryan's one; I tried finding a better quality version of the red handheld

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4 minutes ago, rexryan said:

i like the picture, but you want the logo gone..? I dont have that system, but im willing to help


no it's fine, i've been making it from this... it's getting there.. :)


and the cab is going to be nightsmare.. but at the moment i'm going to bed.

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29 minutes ago, Klopjero said:

ugh for Arcade banners have the logo in front of it... or maybe i shouldnt look for patters but just do what looks best...good night

Sleep well..I am staying away for Arcade stuff for now.


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3 hours ago, damageinc86 said:

We really just need to commission that Rachid Lotf guy to do all the banners for launchbox, program-wide.

Castlevania playlist as an example:



I gues, but I find his work repetative, these games deserve more. nice playlist, I have a couple of things in the works but I had made this one earlier

Arcade PC.png

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