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ow, hi!  How nice of you to drop by this is a thread I thought I'd start up where the community could post their Banners.  So I'll start I suppose.  btw, Bannerbox in case you didn

Adding the ones I shared in the other topic, as well as some new ones I did. The Tiger one is a modification of @rexryan's one; I tried finding a better quality version of the red handheld

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3 hours ago, rexryan said:

Your on a roll today...

when doing this sort of artwork it's very easy to get in a certain rhythm.. do you know what I mean ? you find a good image foor the console, you get the logo you need and then pick some fan art or box art and bam, another one done.

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it needed to be done ! so I did! "But klopjero, nobody plays that system!"I don't care!! .. this was the first time that I found something that resembled source material .. SO! Here!! take it ~!! 


casio pv 2000 banner.png

casio PV-2000.png

Casio PV 2000.png

casio pv-2000.png

casio pv 2000 banner-2.png

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forget about pooyan
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