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Hide popup windows when launching PC and Teknoparrot games

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Hi Everybody,

I have made good progress in my Launchbox configuration, and now everything is working perfectly.

(I still thank Retro808 very much for their precious help with the configuration of UCR).


Today I have two points to fix.

I would :

  1. Perfectly hide the teknoparrot launcher.
  2. Hide the UCR window that appears a few seconds before launching a PC game.


I'm putting you a video so you can see what's working well and what's bothering me.


For everything else, arcade and console games, it's perfect !


Thank you, see you later.

PS: my spoken English makes me laugh ^^

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Since you are using Startups do you have the box ticked for "Hide Windows not in Exclusive Fullscreen Mode"? It has been a while since I messed with Teknoparrot and added any games so not sure if it will have any affect.

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