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Request. A button to abort my own upload suggestion

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I think, it is possible to create a button to abort my own upload suggestion.
I recently uploaded a suggestion for a file, but, for a wrong game, i try to upload "Street Fighter Anniversary Disc" on a "Street Fighter Anthology Disc".
It's my fault, i know, it's my mistake. But, i think, if we have it a button to abort my own uploads, we can fix this and don't boring others moderators.

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I second this one. I created and uploaded some 3D boxes last week (or the week before) that I immediately found issues with and fixed right after I uploaded for the submission. I didn't want to double up on submissions, so I left the incorrect ones alone while finishing the proper ones and leaving them in my Launchbox instead. I'll get around to editing the database ones, but it would've been more convenient to not have to wait for it to get past moderation to do it.

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I third this!  

This has been a long time pet peeve of mine.  
I've been using this DB for at least 2 years now and i'm still having the occasional OH SH*T moment when i press the SEND button and notice that i clicked the wrong thing.  
Then you got to remember your error for 24 or so hours until the moderators got through to it and double check if they rejected it or waved it through and then fix it.  

It should be simple enough to just add a button to your own Change Status that just instantly REJECTS your own change without waiting for moderators.  
Just increase the rejection count by 3 and done, you don't even need to come up with any new mechanics really, i don't even care if that adds more rejections to your stats in that account overview window.  

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