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PGM2 MAME and error loading plugin.ini

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I imported in LB with normal import roms files tool, the PGM2 MAME (it is a special hacked MAME version): it has only 7 different games (with some clones/different region).  I imported them correctly, but when I run a game, it appears a pop up error: "MAME - Error loading plugin.ini".  I have this error ONLY if i run games with LB. If I run them using the PGM2MAME v0193+.exe file the pop up doesn't appear. It's really strange...

do you know how can I solve it?




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Sorry to grave dog but I’m having similar issues. I go in command prompt and I’m able to open MAME and change video settings etc. but when I save it does not create a ini file. I notice my ini folderis empty as well. What needs to be done Please Help! 

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To [initially] create the "mame.ini" config file, at the command prompt type

mame64.exe -cc

and press Enter.  It'll either save it in MAME's root folder or in it's "ini" folder.  Check both locations.

But when you double clicked Save Configuration, it should have (I think) created it.image.png.25805772c4406435f8d350c4b5fd2075.pngRegardless, the above command will create it.  If it doesn't, you have other underlying issues.

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Still no dice. I run the MAME64 through the command prompt and Im able to access MAME. However I change everything to opengl and get error on command prompt after saving config. error reads "error opening translation file English" **error loading plugin.ini** Anyone knows what to do?

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