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Hey, thanks for all the help and for the script.

There's a problem with the video. I set the duration for 15 seconds.

  1. When I play the video on Windows Media Player, the audio is not synced. The audio starts and stops 3 seconds before the video. What I get is an 18 second video that's 3 seconds behind its audio.
  2. So I uploaded the video on Streamable (link here) to show you and that's when I noticed that on Streamable it actually played perfectly in sync! Now I'm thinking it's something on my end. You can download it from that page and see if your media players play it just as well.
  3. When I play the video on Media Player Classic, the video and audio are in sync but the first 3 seconds are muted.
  4. When I play the video on VLC media player, the video and audio are in sync but the first second is a bit scrambled and the video cuts off at 14 seconds (maybe rounds to 15 seconds).
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