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I was just curious if there's a good solution out there to better handle Windows/PC games in LaunchBox... Meaning, is there 3rd party software that can launch Windows game executables that would have better control over how a game is handled? I have just noticed that many games doesn't play well with Pause screens, ahk exit scripts and how some handle full screen when it takes over half of another screen on multi display setups and moves desktop icons around. Does the RocketLauncher PCLauncher module do this, or any other software?

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Windows/PC games are kind of their own animal so are not really handled like emulators.  As in, they don't emulate, the just play.  So with that, they innately handle their own Pause and Exit.  Using an AHK script to exit a Windows game is pretty much never a good idea.  Use the games menu's to 'Exit To Windows'.  You can disable the LaunchBox Pause feature for those games so as to not conflict with the game itself.  

The screen setup is also handled by the individual games themselves.  I would think that when you launch one of these games and if the screen/window is all wonky, that if you move/size it to where it's suppose to be (where you want it to be) and then exit the game (though its' menus ;)), it should remember that setup net time you start.

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I don't know of an app but I just make a ahk script this works for most games.

; This section closes PC Game Whatever when pressing Escape
    Send !{F4}

Compile it into an .exe, then load it in launchbox as an additional app and load it before the game. As far as pausing games I have no idea, but that works usually for exiting games with esc.

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