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GOG games not showing as installed?

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Whenever I install a game through GOG galaxy, it doesn't show as installed in Launchbox even though I've imported all the games from my GOG account into Launchbox. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling GOG Galaxy, and deleting any GOG related file on my PC I can find (although maybe I missed one?). I'm at my wits end trying to make this work. Help?


(yes this is similar to an issue I had awhile ago with the Epic Games Launcher, however that was fixed whereas this is still an issue)

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GOG doesn't work like the other store fronts in regards to the install flag. Because GOG is DRM free and can be ran anywhere currently the only way to update install states currently is by running the import again. The only automation we do for install state on GOG is if the file path you have provided (if you did provide one) no longer exists on your computer it sets installed to false. I've added this to my list to see if we can find a way to streamline GOG a bit and make it work more like some of the other store fronts because I can see how this would get confusing and tiresome.

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