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On 5/25/2021 at 2:34 PM, viking said:

Niiiice !!!
Good job !  

Yes, in 3D, postproduction makes the difference.
Your visual is very good. I only have a few remarks:
- The mouse scale. She's way too big, isn't she?
- The color of the orange background is too much, maybe a little less saturated?

If I had the time, I would have done ALL the platforms in 3D! ^^

Hey, thank you! :D

The Mouse scale isn't that bad at all.. The whole PC is a 3d Model of an original 1983/1984ish IBM PCjr. I did some research and found out that back in the days the first mice seemed to be very big :D. Check this video for comparsion: Click me.But sure, i could look and scale it down a little. If i find out how to do this :D

Okay I will look into Background Color the next days and choose a little less saturated orange. I just colorpicked this one from a different video. :)

Yeah 3D makes a huge difference. No more fiddling around with perspective etc. It was my first 3d Rendering and I couldn't believe the results looked that good ^^


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Sorry, poor translation on my part. ^^

No, of course it's not that bad.
I just find it a little bit too big. But I don't know the original hardware. You are surely right!

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I kept the Mouse the same Size since i like it that way :)

But i edited BG Colours to be a little less saturated. I Also added a green style as reminiscence for ScummVM Logo Color.. Choose what you like. I really like the green one ?

Color Codes: 

Green: #4ebd51

Orange: #e69319


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