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Big Box Price Hike

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1 minute ago, Drakorex said:

I wanted to get a permanent license, only to find out it's now $75. What gives with the price gouging? 

How is it gouging? Any product is priced at the price the consumer is willing to pay, its priced slightly higher than a full priced game for what is a very useful and fully featured piece of software.

Have you looked at the prices of software? Norton antivirus 360 is about $100 a year,

image.thumb.png.f48e57e22f406374e85e9855f95eb29a.pngPhotoshop is around $100 per year also,

image.thumb.png.05674efd9e4c52ca0ef4eadbae3a5a54.pngLaunchbox Premium is $75 and you get to keep it forever, or just £$30 for a yearly license.

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9 minutes ago, Drakorex said:

But it -was- $50. Now it's $75. That's a 50% increase. That's how. Will it stay there, or continue to increase over time? Who knows?

Here's an idea, don't buy it then and save yourself $75

That's for a LIFETIME of use/updates. Do you think people spend 24 hours a day making stuff like this to give it away for nothing !!

You could spend that on a controller along, nevermind something like this that you can use for years to come.

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I have a sub to Hyperspin, emu movies and now Launch box ,although there are several good F.ends out there, None have the support or upgrades to rival LB in my opinion !. But have to say that Launch box is the most easiest front end to set up and get running.

I used HS for years but found it frustrating as I used to spend more time trying to configure than playing games and the support seems to be non existent. Then I tried Launch box for a while before diving in and getting a full membership .

I have had no end of help from the community " Treaking " and configuring my cabinet when I have run in to problems

long story short, best investment made for the continual software upgrades and my continual enjoyment.





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