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Can anyone get Origin games to work through Steam with a controller?

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I have a very specific setup and it works for everything except Origin and Windows UWP games. 

I run bigbox through Steam using a PS4 controller. However, no matter what I do, if I launch Origin games in Steam or BigBox through Steam, it doesn't recognize the controls, even if I set them to full mouse and keyboard, it just doesn't grab the steam controller inputs. 

I have disabled the Origin in-game overlay as I heard that helped others in the past, but it still doesn't work. I tried launching through Steam, it still doesn't work. I tried adding Origin, and the game that I am trying to launch to steam and put a full mouse and key board bindings on it and this didn't work. 

If I launch the game the only inputs it accepts is a real mouse and keyboard , not a controller emulating a mouse and keyboard. I like to play on the couch which is why I like Big Box so much, so this makes playing Origin games impossible. Anyone have a work around? 

I am aware this is mainly a Steam/Origin issue, but I figure with the new update, some of us might be struggling to over come this. 


Edit: I also tried added the title through GLOSC to steam as well, and this didn't work. Its the work around I use for UWP games. 

Edit: Nevermind, its specifically Mass Effect, apparently it doesn't play well with controllers on PC. 

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