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Black screen when using BigBox pause menu to exit Dolphin

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Using Big Box I can open and play games with Dolphin Emulator 5.0 no problem. But when I go into the BB pause menu and try to exit I get a black screen. I can still hear the game continue playing in the background and even return back to the BB pause menu. But I can't get back to the game, I can only cycle back and forth between the BB pause menu and the black screen when I either select resume or exit on the pause menu (those are the only one's I've tried).

I can alt+tab back to Dolphin, and continue playing or press ESC on my keyboard to exit the game. After pressing ESC the game closes just fine, but the black screen is now back on my monitor. If I alt+tab over to BB then I get the "Game Over" screen quickly showing up before returning to BB.

My issue sounded similar to what was posted in this topic. 
I tried putting the AHK script suggested by Retro808 into my "Exit AHK Script" tab - didn't work
I tried removing all AHK scripts from the "Exit AHK Script" tab - didn't work


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If there's anybody in the future finding they have this same problem, I found a solution that worked for me.  

I deleted this folder C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Dolphin Emulator 

I don't know which specific file needed deleting, maybe someone else knows. But I just deleted the whole folder (except the .sav and .ini files) and then started Dolphin back up. 

BEFORE YOU DELETE THE FOLDER, you may wish to set aside your save files. Here's how:
1. Open Dolphin
2. Right click on the game(s) whose save files you want to keep
3. Select "Open Wii Save Folder"
4. Move the .sav files you are keeping to a different location, but make sure to note which file is for which game. The folders that they come in and the save files themselves use an unidentifiable naming system.
5. Delete the rest of the Dolphin Emulator folder that is found in your User Documents folder
6. Open Dolphin back up (all the settings will be back to default, so you might have to change the configuration, controller settings, graphics settings, etc. back to what you had before.)
7. For each save file:
        i) open the game and play it for a few seconds then close it
       ii) in Dolphin, right click the game and select "Open Wii Save Folder"
      iii) move the .sav file that you kept into that necessary folder

I also set aside my controller profiles (.ini files) found here C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Config\Profiles

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