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BigBox startup with Steam issue

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Hey guys. So I’m using steam games in my launchbox/big box setup. I have BigBox booting up on startup along with Steam. That way when I click on a Steam game the player doesn’t have to wait forever for Steam to login. The problem is big box loads up first....and then Steam loads up and completely covers the BigBox front end. Super annoying and less than ideal. Does anyone know how to make steam run in the background on startup? Or tell BigBox to stay on top? I’ve tried “-silent” in the steam shortcut I’ve added to startup programs. And it doesn’t work. I’m open to any suggestions you guys might have.

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Another possible solution includes trying to figure out how to use the -silent launch command for steam client. I never added the command onto my program, but you can see here in my Task Manager Startup tab that it is being used.

image.thumb.png.9fdbe9c7e820f204d909465e63890bc7.pngI looked into my startup folder by going Run > shell:startup, but I don't find the Steam shortcut for start up there. In fact, I don't really know where its located. If you know, then maybe we could try to figure something out so that your system boots up with Steam client in the tray like mine does.

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