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RHDB v0.6 released. A collection of translation hacks, streamlined 1 click process for your No-Intro set. (234 translations for SNES, 38 for Genesis)

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I thought i'll give this awesome new project a quick shoutout,

This is a relatively new Project, SNES is the first system they tackled and it is complete with 232 Translations now.  


They made all the Translations that are available on romhacking.net work with up to date No-Intro roms (so no more digging through old "GOOD sets" or whatever for specific CRC values),
practically all you need to to is download this app, point it at your (extracted!) No-Intro set (7zip support is coming later) and it will scan the CRC hashes, apply all the translations without any extra interaction and just dump the 232 translated roms in another folder of your choice.  

Just to be clear, this does of course not supply the roms, it just patches them.  

The process went through for me without a problem, along with text files that give credit to the original authors and have some more information about the translations in question (not all translations are complete, some games have 2 translations for the same game and this will tell you the differences), links to the original projects and readme files are included as well.  




The next System they tackle is probably gonna be Sega Genesis.


As a Bonus i've made a pass over all games that have been translated in the LaunchBox Database, to make sure they have JAP version 3D Boxes as far as stuff is currently available.
And so the games get matched to the correct entries. So make sure when importing to do a fresh scrape of the media.  

I imported the set in a new folder like this:


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v0.6 released
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Thanks for bringing this project to my attention. That's really a great idea.

Even though I don’t have any immediate need for it as I already use Retroplay’s pre-patched T-En collections, I will definitely keeping an eye out on this.

Especially once they start to include other kinds of hacks to it, like improvement patches, it will begin to get really interesting for me.

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RHDB v0.6 Released!



Today a major application update is released, which includes the complete Sega Genesis translation database (38 games to date).
All Genesis checksums have been verified and repaired as needed, except Dynamite Headdy which uses a non-standard check. Fixing the checksum brings the "red screen of death".

In addition to the complete Genesis database, the following updates are also included:

  • Linux compatibility
  • Selectable naming convention options, including: (J) [T+Eng_v1.1_author]
  • Auto-updating application and databases
  • Option to enable/disable information text files
  • SNES database updated to v1.01



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