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Big Box doesn't exit Stella properly

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Using latest version of Stella (for spinner support)  Closing game via pause screen brings back to that game's launch game menu (play, view manual etc) but out of focus so have to hit alt-enter then have to hit back.

Closing method 2 (close active screen via  Keyboard automation  (hold 4 and 2)  shows now loading instead of game over. Then goes to that launch menu.  It never seems to close. Then either Big Box crashes or i got this screen if you play the game again and try and repeat.

Any idea how to fix this?  and how to prevent hidden extra windows causing big box to go out of focus. I've seen a game open in 2 windows.

In Stella i have pause = p and nothing = 4 or 2

My pause big box button is 3

I have the retroarch for Atari 2600 downloaded too. But it shouldn't conflict with that too right?




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I disable the game over and now loading screens in my Bigbox UI and map a button to exit Stella, which is the same button I use for MAME UI Cancel. I set Stella to run in fullscreen. When I hit the button my Atari 2600 games exit flawlessly and go back to the game list screen where I can select another game. I also run standalone Stella which is much easier to map than Retroarch.

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