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Hello everyone, I speak from Brazil and I am not fluent in English and I will use the Google translator to make this post, I apologize for possible errors.

I have faced a difficulty / doubt in relation to uploading images to GamesDB more precisely images for Android games.

games for android / ios are obviously distributed by their respective stores and in no way on physical media, so there is no cover, cart front's, etc. but I use android emulators to make it possible to run them on the PC and use the launchbox to start from it ... adding the missing games to GameDB I find the absence of a suitable category to place the images of the icons of the games (the same ones that are displayed in the menus of the cell phone and in the GooglePlay stores) so I started to upload these icons in the Cart Front category because it seemed the most suitable for this type of image and to be displayed correctly in the launchbox. but some of my uploads started to be rejected, claiming it is not a 'cart front' image, obviously it is not and this type of game will never have a cart front image

The question is which category should I use correctly to upload these icons of apps for android / ios or if it would be possible to add a category for Games DB special for this type of app / games



in relation to the covers I have searched for names like Zombie Tsunami Twitch Cover or Facebook Cover to find vertical covers in the pattern


ation to the covers I have searched for names like Zombie Tsunami Twitch Cover or Facebook Cover to find vertical covers in the pattern


so I would like some help on how to do this in the most correct way possible or that is creating a new category for these types of games in games db


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Yeah, an expansion of the number of categories would be useful to accommodate things like this. I have asked for a "cassette" category, as well as disc and cart. For these, probably fanart box front would be best, as Mr. RetroLust suggests.

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