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Hi all, this might be a bit tough to understand because I'm relatively new to almost every part of Mame arcade building and have a lofty goal.  I'm about a year and a half into building a coin-op arcade Mame machine with a "Back to the Future" theme.  The cabinet is meant to replicate the DeLorean time machine from the movies.   The goal is to have a startup sequence  unique to each rom that incorporates mp3 sound bytes from the movie (i.e. the time travel sound effect, movie quotes, etc.) that are also integrated with my ledwiz cards to run pre-programmed light sequences prior to the start of the roms.  I've built a Mr. Fusion from 3D printed parts and an actual Krupps coffee bean grinder from 1978 (from Belgium of all places) and am in the process of building the "time circuits" from the inside of the vehicle.  I've added white, orange and RGB led's to give the effect that  Mr. Fusion is "powering up" or "malfunctioning".  I've also written working auto hot key scripts that launch custom .wav or .mp3 files on a rom by rom basis prior to launching Mame.  I see that I can point my target in launchbox to an AHK script in lieu of the default rom path but so far the AHK scripts don't function when launched from LaunchBox. 

My questions are this:  Am I on the right track and can this be accomplished through several layers of "work around" antics or is this impossible?  Maybe there is a cleaner way to integrate these systems in LaunchBox?  Any insight would be appreciated.   


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