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Importing ROMS - Metadata / Images

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Hey Team!

Often when I import ROMS, all works fine except finding all the Images/Metadata. 

However, when I search individually edit a game and click the  "Search LB Database" button beside the name, it pops up correctly 99.9% of the time.  I've deleted playlists and re-imported a few times just to play with scraping, names, etc. -- but just often misses the LB Database association, and other times it does.  Just tedious manually going thru 100's of games


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Hi Dwayne, when bulk-importing games, we can't just choose the first match, because we'd end up with many false positives and bad matches. A bad match is far worse than not matching a game to the database, so in the situation where we can't be certain that we have the right game, we just leave it unmatched.

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