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Master exit game buttons in Bigbox/Launchbox

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I have several emulators/platforms working in Bigbox and Launchbox and I have set the "exit" function on my xbox 360 controller in BB/LB to need 2 specific controller buttons in order to exit out of a game and back to BB.

However all emulators are not using these buttons to exit games when launched from either BB or LB. 

I checked inside the emulators themselves, but there are no options to select multiple buttons to exit games. Some emulators don't even have "exit" as an option from their controller button selections.

How can I get Bigbox to only exit games when selecting the buttons I have indicated from the Controller Mapping section? The buttons in the Controller Mapping are currently buttons 6 & 7 on my controller, but they don't work/exit games. 

Currently, the only button that exits games from BB is the "back" button, next to the start button.

Is there a way to fix this?

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In BigBox did you set that combo to the command for "Close Active Window" or for "Exit"? In BigBox is needs to be the "Close Active Window" setting.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 3.49.33 PM.png

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4 minutes ago, Scooby1 said:

That did it, thanks! What does the Exit function do in BB?

Exits BigBox

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