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Xenia Games Not Loading through LaunchBox

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Two separate ways in which my games are crashing:


1) LaunchBox is giving me trouble launching multi-disc games using Xenia. My two multi-disc games, Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey, launch successfully when done directly through the Xenia emulator. Also, most of my other 360 games launch without problem through LaunchBox. I even imported only Disc 1 of both games and they launched without a hiccup. It's the multi-disc imports that cause Xenia to crash. The emulator opens up and gives me an "Unable to mount disc image; file not found or corrupt" message, and closes. Again, my games work with Xenia by itself and the single-disc games show no issues.


2) Except for Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, which is a single-disc game that launches successfully through Xenia alone, but not through LaunchBox. I imported it to LaunchBox via drag in drop just like the other games but this crash shows no message. Xenia pops up in a small white window for 2 seconds and closes itself.

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