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LaunchBox main screen screwed up.

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I don't know how this happened but when I launched LaunchBox 10.15 the screen started scrolling and now I am stuck with a messed up home screen.


The view and everything works in my licensed BigBox but LaunchBox is unusable since I cant click anything and missing tool bar.


I will try to retrace a few of my interactions the past couple of days.


I installed vJoy yesterday and was messing with it with x360ce but never really got it working.   Other than that everything was working fine.

Today I played a few games every thing worked but the last thing I did was  I played Star Wars Trillogy on Sega Model 3 for the first time which I used to set up the controls.  Game really wasn't really working and I exited.

When I launched launch box the screen kept scrolling so I exited.  Then when I launched BroForce directly in Windows and not through LaunchBox the controls were all screwed up and not working.

I rebooted and disabled the vJoy control inputs on the Device Manager thinking there was a vjoy setting or something that was simulating a "key pressed down" .

iPac controlls seem to work fine and BroForce and all games work fine when booting via BigBox but the view in LaunchBox is still screwed up and not usable.

I'm a LaunchBox noob and don't want to loose all of my set up linking to the various emulators etc etc but need to reset the view or home screen view.


Appreciate your thoughts!!


Launchbox Screen Grab.JPG

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Go into you \Launchbox\Backups folder and look for one of the Launchbox zipped backups. Use one from a prior days backup. Open the zipped file and copy the Settings.xml into your \Launchbox\Data folder.



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