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I am trying to set up PPSSPP currently and got it all mapped with AHK using the standard "key down, Sleep 10, key up" method which works fine except I realized something playing Mega Man. Because it just recognizes that the key is pressed down for a short amount of time he only jumps a really low jump. I could increase the sleep time but then he would always just super high. Does anyone have a script for different variables which I can use? What is the workaround that people use for this issue?


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4 hours ago, Kiinkyfoxx said:

I am sure this is a stupid question, and hopefully it doesn't come across as rude. But why are you using AHK and mapping the keys? 

Does PPSSPP not recognise your controller in its contoller settings page? 

PPSSPP does not recognize my GP-WIZ40 keyboard encoder. Therefore I figure my best bet is to just map it with AHK.

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