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Hidden games (with their platforms) showing after being hidden

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Hi all!  I decided to hide all the games from a list of platforms.  All of these are now hidden properly in Launchbox.  In BigBox however, some of these platforms/games still show up.  I've tried un-hiding/hiding again, but they fail to disappear from BigBox.  Any idea what's going on?  Is there some type of cache I can clean up?  Thanks!  

(Also, we REALLY need a feature to be able to just hide entire platforms.  Going through each platform I wanted to hide, hiding all games was not fun.)

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Just a heads up you can open a platform click a game hit ctrl+a then ctrl+e choose hide from the drop down and hide all games in a platform in one shot.

Yep!  I figured that out, and used that method.  However, I have hidden games, that still show up in BigBox. :(

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