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Controller Mapping for navigation in BB (Unique Setup)

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I am currently working on a build JUST for Taiko no Tatsujin games, which means I will control everything from Hori Tatacons. Currently I have all the emulators configured and mapped to the drums correctly, however I can't get the controllers to map to menu navigation within BB. I have enabled all controllers in the options menu and even set the controller to "Taiko Controller" from the menu but whenever I go to set the menu navigation controls, nothing is recognized from the controller. I'm sure there's a step I'm missing but I'm not sure what. I have attached a photo of the controllers I'm using so you have a better idea.


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If anyone else has the same issue, I was able to locate the text config file, and reassign the buttons there. The file is located in LaunchBox -> Data -> InputBindings.XML . Be sure to make a copy of the original file just in case things quit working.

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