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Import not finding all Uplay games


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Posting here first, before submitting as a bug, in case I'm doing something wrong.


When I import games from Uplay, it's finding *most* of the games, but it's consistently missing a couple.  In this case, in case it's relevant, Rainbow Six Siege and Watch_Dogs 2.  They're not in my DB, and they're definitely "owned" insofar as every other game I imported successfully was "owned" (I say this because Rainbow Six Siege is a free-to-play game that goes into your game library by simply installing it).  Watch_Dogs 2 we actually purchased.

No idea what sets these apart.

It consistently brings up the rest of the games in my Uplay library (including all of them if I force it to import duplicates).

Anything I'm doing wrong here, or should I go ahead and submit that as a bug?

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