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Another "Launchbox has stopped working" post

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"Launchbox has stopped working"...seems a common theme. I have a working Launchbox 11.2 build on my desktop (64 bit Windows 7 Professional), so I'm trying to export it to an external hard drive to run it on my cocktail cabinet, which is a 32 bit Windows 7 Home, with no CD/DVD player and no modem (so internet and disk installs are out of the question).

- I copied my working Launchbox to the external drive, and it ran just fine on the desktop

- I'm aware I will need a 32 bit version of MAME, so that's ready to go, all I should need to do is change the Emulator path inside of Launchbox

Initially, Launchbox wouldn't run until I got .NET Framework 4,8 installed, got there eventually, after using the forum to solve the "Certificate chain" problem. Then I got the "stopped working" message. From reading other questions, it seems I need to ensure my DirectX and VC Redist packages are up to date. Direct X done no problem, still get error. So, installed CD Redist 2015....and as soon as I clicked on Finish, the PC rebooted itself without warning or asking, and the boot failed. Now..I can't boot into anything but repair mode, and I can't do anything there because I have no internet connection (naturally, I have no restore point, didn't think I'd need one, wasn't messing with the operating system).

4 days...and I'm further from the end than I was when I started. 

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