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I Have created this bunch of .bat files for helping sorting and importing complete MAME romset into LaunchBox.
It saved me a lot of time and i hope it will be the same for some other user.

With MAME ROM extractor  you can automatically copy in a new folder only the ROM files for that platform, 
so for example  just place "SNK Neo Geo.bat" inside your romset folder and run it, it will copy all the Neo Geo Rom in a new "SNK Neo Geo" folder,
Ready to be imported with LaunchBox without touching or moving file from your romset.

MAME Dummy rom maker are useful for RocketLauncher user with a complete MAME romset, the bat file create a fake set of MAME rom for that platform.
So running "SNK Neo Geo" will create all the Neo geo rom but completely void and useless (0Kb each rom).
You can use that file to be imported in LaunchBox and create the playlist, later point RocketLauncher to your complete romset, a lot of space saved!

Be sure that your Antivirus is not blocking the script! No BIOS are copied! you will need to place it manually!
All the script are based on MAME 0.223 but it will work with other version, since there are only minor changes!

MAME Rom extractor.rar MAME dummy rom maker.rar

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