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Okay, new here, and I hope I'm not opening a can of conflict-worms here, but I couldn't find anything searching for several terms, but I'm sure this has *got* to have been discussed before, but I couldn't find it anyway, but, but but....  please slap me down if I'm out of line here, but...

I've noticed there's a pretty narrow selection of genres available, missing what, at least to me, seem to be very key categories.  Real-Time Strategy, Action-Adventure, Business, VR, Wargame, Interactive Fiction, etc.  I'm sure half of them are subject to controvery/disagreement, so not at the moment advocating any particular ones, but I was wondering -- what's the general take on this issue?  Did I just completely fail in my forum searching to find this issue heartily discussed and tabled/resolved?

And if, by some strange magic, this is potentially a relatively fresh or openable/reopenable issue, is that something we can start?  I know this means, of course, tipping over an apple cart full of tens or hundreds of thousands of games.  But still curious and wondering.

Let the slapdowns follow.



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This has most likely been brought up, but I agree that there could be more common genres available.
Though for Action-Adventure, you can always choose first Action, then Adventure. You can select multiple genre. And for Business there is Management Simulation, which is quite OK for that I think.

Maybe we might have a separate poll on this subject or a community vote at some point again, like we did before, after the previous one's list has been completed:

I for one would next love to have more options with Game Maps, Manuals and Game Guides. Thankfully that is a work in progress in the 2019 poll list:

24   New Document Fields for Hintbooks, Cheats, and Maps

That would enable our Big Box Theme Wizards to implement them in their designs, for example the default template would be nice to have things like this (a raw example):
moreicons.thumb.jpg.a1ab0444ab8d7daf30ef13619a4fb27f.jpgThere's enough space where we could have more of those nice info icons (used by ie. favorites, age rating now). And even better, assignable hot keys where you could press them even during gameplay (bringing the map up etc.)
and why not below those a game genre icon row? ;) 

EDIT Maybe this topic should rather belong here:


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