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Using MAME to emulate Aamber Pegasus


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Hello all and sorry for my bad English.

i try to launch the System Aamber pegasus with Mame. But nothing works properly.

This is my configuration screen



i have the correct full set of bios in the roms folder of Mame, but when i try to launch a game directly from mame i have this 


So i am so lost :( pleaasse Helppp :)


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In your last screenshot ('directly from mame'),  if you click Available (upper left) does it still show all those 'games'?  If not, you need to tell MAME where the roms are located.

From MAME's main screen, click Configure Options, then Configure Directories, then click Roms, then click Add Folder.  From there, navigate to your 

Z:\Mon Drive\Retrofarming\Games\Aamber Pegasus\

folder.  Press {Tab} to add it.  Then press {Escape} twice (I think, or at least until you see) and click Save Configuration.  Then {Escape} and try the game again.

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MAME is not "seeing" your roms for some reason.  Because the Amber Pegasus is a "Software List",  I recommend the following:

Where ever it is you have your MAME emulator installed (I'll use    D:\Emulators\MAME\   as an example), in it create a new subfolder called "software".


In that new folder place the Pegasus BIOS file.


Also in that folder, create another new subfolder called "pegasus_cart".   It MUST be named EXACTLY that.  (and it's not a coincidence that it's the same name as the hash file ;)


Now copy your Amber Pegasus roms into the "pegasus_cart" folder.

Now either add the folder "software" to MAME as described previously OR edit your "mame.ini" file and manually add the folder to the "rompath" line.  You do NOT need to add the folder "pegasus_cart".   ONLY "software".

rompath         roms;software

image.png.330e32663f4da4ff4e72bab80c2627fe.pngHopefully that helps.

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