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Using Xbox button to quit PCSX2

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I've started playing around with LB and BB again after being distracted for a while and was wondering if there's any way to set up PCSX2 to quit by pressing the center 'xbox' button on an XB1 controller.


I've got the quick quit script setup in LB (and GUI still present, I'm not sure if I should add the 'no gui' line in settings anymore)

    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}

Is there a way to modify this script or a setting I could use? I'm assuming there's not a quick and easy way to replace $Esc: with whatever windows labels the xbox button as?

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If you are just talking about wanting the controller to exit, then go to Tools, Options, Game Controllers, and Mappings.  Select Button 11 (which is Guide Button for Xbox One) to Exit Game. LB will do the rest and don't need to bother with AHK from controller perspective. 

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I didn't realize that was a global to make it quit for all games. Going to have to play around to try and make settings work between PPSSPP, RA and PCSX2 when using my Shield to stream LB/BB.


Thanks, I didn't realize that was an option.

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