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Games disappearing after PC reboot

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Hello all,

i add some games from different platforms and when i reboot my PC (windows 10) some of the games disappear and i have to add them again.

  • in the folder LaunchBox/data/platforms i don't have any backup XML files but only one XML file for every platforms i have
  • when i add one of the games that disappear and i search the XML file of the same platform, i can't find the game that i added
  • when i restart only LaunchBox the games don't disappear

i searched the forums and on google and i can't find any solution for my issue.

I appreciate any help.

Thx in advance

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1) Backup XMLS are not stored in the original directory but are zipped up and stored in ...\Launchbox\Backups  LB makes backups and launch and exit and stores them there as well as if you do a manual database backup via menu in LB. 

2) You should check after fully closing LB/BB before searching, they can get cached so may not see if have LB open. It basically "has" to be there if it is showing in LB upon relaunch since that is what LB uses to show data. 

3) shouldn't.  Not sure why they would be deleted on a reboot since shouldn't be anything to remove an XML.  I would check to see if your backups folder has copy upon shutdown of the current version you added or see if those date stamps/versions are also seeing issues.  Then upon exiting LB, if the XMLs appear updated (date/time stamp).  If reboot is nuking them then something outside LB that is causing that.  You might try installing a dummy LB into another folder and see if seeing the same issues there or some corrupted install/directory in Windows.

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