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Any way to suppress GUI of RPCS3?

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I read another thread here where someone was asking about it, but didn't get far with it, but I am hoping there is some command line option to suppress the GUI for RPCS3. I wouldn't really care too much about it, but I have BigBox added to Steam and I often use Steam Link to play games on my TV in another room. The problem I am running into is (and I am guessing it is because of the RPCS3 GUI Launcher) whenever I connect to my PC via Steam Link, launch BigBox and then launch the game I want to play for PS3, the Launcher appears briefly to load the PPUs and shaders and Steam Link will disconnect after about 30 or so seconds (sending video and audio to the PC monitor in the other room).

If I launch it while at the computer, it's fine, but I noticed while Alt-Tabbing, the Launcher is still there in the background (I have it set to close when exiting a game), so I figure it's this Launcher that is breaking the Steam Link connection to the TV. I have no problems launching games for other platforms via BigBox over Steam Link and use PSNow and other apps also, so hoping there is some way to just suppress the Launcher entirely to see if that addresses it, but haven't been able to find anything helpful regarding command line options for Windows and this emulator.


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