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Auto close X360CE after exiting a game

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Hi everyone.  Hoping one of the arcade machine users can help a brother out...

I finally got Killer Instinct (Steam Version) working with my arcade controls using an app called x360ce.  (An app for mapping an input device as an xbox 360 controller)  I set LB to use the .exe file and imported it as a windows game rather than importing it as a steam game if that matters to assist in providing a solution (although I don't imagine it will but you never know...)

So when I launch Killer Instinct, x360ce automatically opens without any manual intervention (I don't have to set it up as an additional app or anything in LB) but when I quit Killer Instinct x360ce remains open and messes with the order of my joysticks for games that use retroarch.  

I have 0 familiarity with auto hotkey scripts or creating .bat files and am wondering if someone could help me figure out a way to auto close x360ce after I exit Killer Instinct.

I am also open to using an alternative app...I have tried joytokey and it gave me endless problems and I couldn't get it working consistently (and I feel like I am pretty tech savvy) 

Thanks for any help.

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Figured out the batch script, but can't figure out how to tell launchbox to run it after the game closes...

I have x360ce to run before game, works perfect.

I have the batch file set to run after the game but it runs right when the game starts and terminates the other app...I cannot click wait until exit because it's greyed out...What am i doing wrong

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