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No Sound from RetroArch Emulation when Starting from LaunchBox/Bigbox

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Hey there.  When I run RetroArch on it's own, my roms startup normally with full sound.  However, when I launch a game from LaunchBox using the RA emulator, the game starts up just fine, but there is no sound.  I've played with RA audio settings, but it works perfectly when running a standalone RA.  Curiously, when I start a game from LaunchBox and RA loads up in the background, I get no sound, but when I use the RA hotkey to get to the menu, I close content while keeping RA open, and then reload the same content, the full sound comes back and plays flawlessly.  Any suggestions?  I'm new to LB, my first install was 11.5, which I updated to 11.6, and then to 11.7-beta-7, and the issue still persists.  I'm running RetroArch 1.9.0, and this behavior occurs for all cores that I'm using (mednafen, mgba, mupenplusnext, snes9x).



Screenshot 2020-10-14 194012.png

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