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4 hours ago, NagakiriHidechi said:

Is it possible to use Vita3K in conjunction with launchbox? I'm trying to launch "ux0\app\PCSB00952\eboot.bin" and I get an error. Am I attempting to launch the incorrect file? The game is already installed in the emulator and boots fine when ran from within it.

Insofar as the usefullness of Vita3K as an Emulator, because of its VERY limited compatibility, I got it working in two ways:

First, setup Vita3k and install your game inside Vita3k and make sure the game runs.

- Windowed:  Add Vita3K as an emulator, with command line parameter "-r" (whithout quotes) and tick "Don't use quotes" and "Use file name only without file extension or folder path". (*Edit* I just noticed that the LaunchBox startup/shutdown screens work better if you tick "Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown" aswell.) Then make a textfile with the game's Vita app serial (in your case PCSB00952.txt. Add the textfile as your romfile in LaunchBox.

- Fullscreen: When you add the textfile as your romfile in LaunchBox, go to the "Emulation" tab and tick "Use custom command line parameter" and add: "-r PCSB00952 --fullscreen" (whithout quotes). You have to do this per game, because the --fullscreen parameter comes after the rom name.


For closing Vita3K use:

WinClose, ahk_exe Vita3K.exe

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I have to add some information I just learned. While testing (about a year ago) I had "-r --fullscreen" command line parameter in the Edit Emulator > Details tab. That didn't work. But if you switch to "--fullscreen -r", that runs every game in fullscreen without per game custom command line parameters. Stupid me!

Edit Emulator.jpg

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6 hours ago, mohanned85 said:

can someone help i copied but nothing

Does your game work directly in Vita3K? Can you post some screenshots of your settings?

In short:

- Add Vita3K as an emulator to LaunchBox. Use: --fullscreen -r as command-line parameters and tick "Don't use quotes" and "Use file name only without file extension or folder path". In the "Associated Platform" tab enter the name of your Vita    platform. (Mine is called Sony Playstation Vita.)

- Install your game in Vita3K. In Vita3K look for your games' Title ID.

- Create a text file with that Title ID and add that text file as a Sony Playstation Vita rom to LaunchBox.

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Unfortunately this emulator has too many bugs/issues/problems.

Devs updates it every day but it's far away from be good.


The only "playable" game ( can be completed ) is Neverending Nightmares, the rest is full of bugs/issues/problems.


Regarding adding it in LB/BB I found another solution because the parameter "--fullscreen -r" doesn't work always ( sometime it goes fullscreen and many times it doesn't ).

So, my solution is to add the emu like you add all emus, add just "-r" as Default Command Line Parameter, tick the options "Don't use quotes" and "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" and in the Autohotkey tab add these lines :


Sleep, 1000

SetKeyDelay, -1, 110

Send {F11}

WinClose, ahk_exe Vita3K.exe

 It will go in fullscreen automatically in 1 second after you launch it.

ESC button will close the emu.

Also, use something like NoMousy for hiding the mouse cursor because the option for it in StartUp doesn't work with this emu ( already tested ). 



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