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Where is this image located, ive forgot! :(

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hi guys - So for all my systems which need a pad and its analogue sticks a while back i added a simple Control pad png file in the top left of the system screen to tell anyone playing, "Please pick up the controllers off the bracket" etc... I feel a right idiot as ive totally forgotten the location of the file and i want to make amendments!!

here is the screen i mean, showing PS2 as an example - you will see the white pad overlayed in the top left.. thanks guys



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I do not think any of us would know. That theme does not typically have that image. So whatever you edited in the theme's code to make it show should tell you where you filed the image. Maybe inside a folder in the the actual theme's folder.

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Ah bollocks :( - yeah i remember doing it, it was was a simple carbon grey type hexagon tile pattern... Can i narrow it down to the Images folder at least? Surely its in there somewhere (regardless of how massive that damn folder is of course!)

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17 minutes ago, floodie said:

Hmm I dont know, I havent used a different theme - i do know that i did add this Pad Png to many different systems so it isnt just calling the same image. So N64, PSP etc all must have this file within their folders, i guess.. 

Yes, but also if it is in just the theme's folder BigBox would have required you to name it that way for the theme to be able to pull it. Like I said that theme does not by default show that image you made. The theme had to be edited to be able to show it. The being said the image could be placed really anywhere depending on how the code was changed, but it is typically either in the theme's image folders or in the platform image folders.

How did you go about getting the image to show in the theme? That might lead a clue. Otherwise you are just going to have to open image folders and search.

These would be two places I would start.

\Launchbox\Themes\ [Theme Name]\Images (That looks like either Unified or Unified Redux)

\Launchbox\Images\Platforms is a good place to start

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