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Random Double Button Presses in Big Box Menu


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In Bigbox I'm getting a fairly random double button press in the menu. I don't seem to get it outside of Bigbox.
Example, I'll be on my "ARCADE" menu selection. Hit the enter button and sometimes I get 2 of the select noises ding, ding with a random delay in between them and sometimes just 1 ding.

It does it if I'm using my arcade buttons which are connected to an Ipac and it happens if I use my keyboard. 
As far as I can tell, it only does it when selecting a menu item which I do with either the "Enter" key and "A" key

Here's a video which probably explains my issue a little better




I can't duplicate the issue in Word. If I hit the "A" key in a text doc, it only prints 1 "A" every time.
I don't have anything like joy2key or anything running either so I think it's a Launchbox setting messed up somewhere, just cant figure out what exactly.

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