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How to Make Future Pinball Portable

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Good to know, I'll wait then with the install until I can finally order my new PC, this AMD CPUs and probably GPUs seem not to be available yet this year. Wanted to go with Intel and an RTX3080, but on release that ship had sailed too. Glad though as it seems AMD made the race. But the waiting is the hardest part. 

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8 hours ago, darreldearth said:

Was wondering if anyone knows a way of making future pinball portable, so like all the other emulators can be moved around with LaunchBox and still work without being installed? So far using google I've found nothing so figured id ask here. Thanks

Like JoeViking245 said, it is not truly portable. But my original setup was on an external drive and you can make it "mostly" portable with a few extra steps on new CPU (CPU #2). 

  1. All the needed install files are placed in the directory, so that can be copied to new location.  Just make sure you keep the same path mappings.  So for example, my external/NAS drive was always called "G".  That takes care of not having to mess with table paths, etc.
  2. Make backup of the registry keys at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Future Pinball] and all sub keys on working setup.  Again, you drive mappings have to be consistent here or will cause issues.  Open up the registry backup file in text editor to view it and make sure all keys are under Future Pinball location only.
  3. Install via the BAM/FP installer on new CPU #2
  4. Merge your registry settings on CPU #2 with the backed up version from CPU#1.  Again, only the FP keys or will likely fry your Windows setup on CPU #2.

Visual Pinball is similar although a bit more complicated because VP has more than one registry file you have to copy over and also have to watch for installer overwriting key ini files in install directory :

  1. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visual Pinball]
  2. [Software\Freeware]    << this is VPinMAME key set
  3. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\UltraDMD]  << if you have used UltraDMD
  4. If you use DOFLINX or B2S there are also keys for that as well.I
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