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hi is there any tools to allow me to make sym links to create game saves etc that are usually dumped in


folders such as

C\Users\(Current User Name)\AppData\local\

C\Users\(Current User Name)\savegames\




i want to create sym links so i have all my saves locally on my external harddrive so i can use on any computer?


any one know of a tool that can achieve this easily?



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This tool mentioned here to move the cache files via sym links works well so would think you could use for what you wan to do


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problem with the above its not really a portable option as i would have to create sym links on each system, im trying to find a script that i can edit and run from each game to create the symlinks and id adjust the script to link each games save location into its retrospective folder.


for eg

my documents\game saves\ quake 2


quake 2\save\



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