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Upcoming Professional Clear Logo Collection. Vector redraws etc.

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I'm currently creating/modifying a full(?) set of platform clear logos. By creating I mean literally DRAWING FROM SCRATCH in Adobe Illustrator in vector! One logo can range from taking one hour and go up to FOUR HOURS to perfect! Of course many of the logos have great versions already available and I won't be drawing those from scratch but simply examining thoroughly and touching up those if necessary. I will release all of these in extreme quality as well as my original vector drawing files. I don't want to take full credit for my upcoming collection because a lot of them will be essentially the same vector svgs used by the emulation station community. I'm combing over all of them though trying to fix flaws and redrawing logos if necessary.  All of the ones shown here are either heavily altered or brand new drawings!

Examples-1.thumb.jpg.618d7be416d036511693ecdc0e064f0d.jpgThanks to Pit's Arts on the forums for the TeknoParrot PNG that I traced from.Examples-2.thumb.jpg.1f44e881f7e5b126e0b5c6c661a98413.jpg

I also drew a new arcade classics logo just for fun.Arcade-Classics.thumb.jpg.b56fcac8aa239f875a5d4f21cf0adb47.jpg

The goal of this upcoming platform clear logo collection is to make all of the logos we use for platforms simply more accurate and higher quality. This is not to knock others who have worked hard to create currently used versions in the past but simply to improve upon that hard work further. Hopefully I don't come off as pretentious! I just want to make our platform logos the best they can be!

Lynx.thumb.jpg.56933645cf4c3b8461f5ce2453583d2f.jpgTieto.thumb.jpg.2eafa8e56a32c09c6b6df350a946ecd2.jpgThis whole process started because I am also making a theme which needs accurate logos for a collection of hand drawn icons. I was touching up so many logos along the way that I decided to actually focus on just the logos for a while and get them fixed up some. I have spent around 90 hours doing just the logos as of right now! I know that this is not something people care too much about but I hope you can get some enjoyment from my labor of love once I release the full logo set. As a sneak peek of my theme's art, I'm going to show off a couple of my Icon backgrounds here for the first time.



The theme will be called "ICONIC". I've been working on it everyday for nearly 3 months . The reason it has taken so long is because I wanted to draw all of these icons very accurately. It will support only about 40 to 50 platforms because It's just not reasonable to do more than that for me. The backgrounds scroll and loop continually through the magic of the theme creators animations. Currently it has a Nintendo style look with greys, reds and white. I know it looks really red but In the theme it's not too overpowering the way I'm using it. I plan to make a more neutral version as well. You'll see more of the ICONIC theme later.  

I have made a few long Youtube videos that show my tedious logo creation process in action! Feel free to skip around them because they aren't the most exciting videos in the world. If you take a peek at the (rough/unedited) recordings you can feel the vibes I'm putting into these logos.


The logo collection will release very soon. The ICONIC theme will release....not as soon but still soon.

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This is almost done now! Hopefully within a week! I keep adding more logos and perfected others as much as I can. I also recently found archive.org has tons of great manual scans so I've been using that for logo references now too.

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