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Option to know who changes the database


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I come to suggest a way for the moderators to be able to know who are the users that make edits in the gamedatabase, so that we can identify who is just causing disorder in the database, because it has been a few days that someone has been making wrong changes on the site.

Here's an example of an idiot who's been making the wrong changes three days ago:


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I think making reporting incidents like this easier would be far more beneficial than plastering a users name in the open. Displaying their name opens up the possibility of the following to occur (and given that this is the internet they are almost guaranteed to happen):

1. DB Mods will simply ignore or automatically reject anything from that user regardless of accuracy simple because THAT user was the one making the change
2. DB Mods will call out and harass said user both publicly and privately
3. Less people would post changes because they would be afraid of falling victim to points 1 and 2

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