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Mame effecting Type X

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hi Guys - wondered if anyone has had this problem. 

- Start bigbox > Taito Type X > start a game it loads fine

However if i:

- Start bigbox > Play then end any Mame game  > goto Taito type X > try to load a game bigbox sticks at the launch game menu... I hear the noise to confirm i have pressed start but bigbox stays in front and the game loads in the background because i can hear it.... however the odd thing is if i Alt-Tab there is nothing else running apart from bigbox AND suddenly the game (and/or game sound) stops as if AltTab has closed the game.... Very odd.

I have tried loading Megadrive, SNES and other emulators first but that allows Type X to load fine. Seems that Mame conflicts with it and the only way to play a Type X game after playing a Mame game is to restart bigbox.

Any ideas?



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Is it TTX games specific or just games you run through TeknoParrot (or are you also using Game Loader)? Just tested a bunch of Mame games and TP games with no issue.

Can you give an example of same games you had the issue with? How do you have the TTX games set up in LB?

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Maybe the loader is causing an issue?? I know I tested SSF4AE, Raiden III and IV, and a couple KOF games and they all work fine. I run them through TeknoParrot though and quite using a loader for them quite a while ago.

Are you using BigBox Startup theme?


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Yes the difference must be that you are using TP - unfortunately i dont really want to go down that route as the loaders took enough time to get working fine. It has to be some kind of conflict with theloader then, but its odd why its only after MAME has been run and closed.


I am using bigbox startup yes, but i also have tried it with it deactivated too and no difference.. That was my immediate first thought

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Why Mame would cause an issue I could not even give a good guess. Does the same thing happen in LaunchBox?

Running the games through Tekno took less time than it ever did with Game Loader. Downloaded better dumps from emuline, pointed TeknoParrot UI to the required game file and set up controls all within the UI. LB import just required pointing a command line to the game profile. Was glad to get rid of the game loaders. If you have the games up and running though probably not worth the hassle to change.

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Yes thats right, its all set up now and working well enough to change.

So, i have just uncovered another game that is effected (ice cold beer which is within my Windows collection and not TTX)  and also a fix for the problem!!!.

- the Fix :... If i have played a mame game it isnt possible to play any TTX or Ice cold beer unless i restart the machine. However if i start and end any SNES game i am then free to play any TTX and ICB once again as normal... I assume any other emulator other than MAME probably free's it up too. Very strange.

If there isnt a fix for this is there anyway i can add some kind of script for TTX and ICB that it forces the game into focus in case a mame game was played previously?


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