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Graphical Glitches on Buttons in Launchbox


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Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble with any and all buttons in Launchbox.  When I  hover over a button with the mouse cursor, then move the cursor off the button, I'm left with a graphically-glitched area that does not contain the button's name or any information other than stripes of gray and distortion.  I've uploaded a screenshot.

Any idea how to fix it?  I've tried tons of settings combinations in the high DPI compatibility settings and nothing has worked yet.  This error makes working on Launchbox quite difficult. 


Thanks for any help!


System Variables:

Win 10 19402

4k resolution

Scaling at 225%

Nvidia Drivers = 460.89

Launchbox version:  11.8

Screenshot 2020-12-21 182331.png

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Hey @twilight_universe  , Just wanted to say thank you very much for your fix, I was having the exact same issue for ages and was just putting up with it but I can confirm disabling that service worked perfectly.. infact launchbox now just feels much more stable overall.


So cheers again mate, much appreciated

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